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Juniper Ridge Fire Opal
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Cripple Creek P..

I got a pile of Cripple Creek Picture Jasper from one of the...
Item Price: $3.00 
Cripple Creek P
SSP54s Davis Cr..

5 pieces of Obsidian on this card, all are hand dug  fr...
Item Price: $18.00 
SSP54s Davis Cr
SFOB Snowflake ..

I  have one 5 gallon bucket or about 50 pounds of some ...
Item Price: $3.00 
SFOB Snowflake
BIGGS Picture J..

I came upon an astonishing find of a pile of Biggs Picture J...
Item Price: $5.00 
BIGGS Picture J
Bruneau jasper ..

Bruneau jasper is mined from hard rock in a remote canyon on...
Item Price: $10.00 
Bruneau jasper
BULK Petrified ..

I have a huge pile of petrified wood that I have accumulated...
Item Price: $80.00 
BULK Petrified
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TMBLr1 Tumbling Rough - Owyhee Green
TMBLr1 Tumbling Rough - Owyhee Green
SNA Snake Skin Agate Rough
SNA Snake Skin Agate Rough
Flat rate box grab bag
Flat rate box grab bag
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