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SSP53s Davis Cr..

Five slabs on this card, the largest one is an unusual Rainb...
Item Price: $10.00 
SSP53s Davis Cr
Rabbit Springs ..

I bought out an old collection from a local gentleman, and h...
Item Price: $0.50 
Rabbit Springs
Bruneau jasper ..

Getting real hard to find Bruneau jasper anymore, these have...
Item Price: $24.00 
Bruneau jasper
Bruneau jasper ..

Bruneau jasper is mined from hard rock in a remote canyon on...
Item Price: $19.80 
Bruneau jasper
FSL1r Fossilize..

Here is a plate of fossilized clams, many still inside the m...
Item Price: $50.00 
FSL1r Fossilize
BULKVarmfrb BUL..

This is some gorgeous material!Beautiful Variscite  I g...
Item Price: $450.00 
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Flat rate box grab bag
Flat rate box grab bag
TMBLr1 Tumbling Rough - Owyhee Green
TMBLr1 Tumbling Rough - Owyhee Green
SNA Snake Skin Agate Rough
SNA Snake Skin Agate Rough
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