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Juniper Ridge Fire Opal
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Bulk Davis Cree..

I have several tons of Bulk Davis Creek Rainbow or Sheen obs...
Item Price: $4.00 
Bulk Davis Cree
BIGGS Picture J..

I came upon an astonishing find of a pile of Biggs Picture J...
Item Price: $5.00 
BIGGS Picture J
Bulk Montana Ag..

Bulk Montana agates out of this bin, these came from a rock ...
Item Price: $4.00 
Bulk Montana Ag
SSP50s Davis Cr..

2 large and 2 small slabs, these are cut thick (approx 3/8 t...
Item Price: $14.00 
SSP50s Davis Cr
BULKVar# Bulk V..

I have a large bin of Variscite that you can purchase by the...
Item Price: $25.00 
BULKVar# Bulk V
PW11r Petrified..

A nice limb cast showing good bark on the outside and good r...
Item Price: $6.00 
PW11r Petrified
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TMBLr1 Tumbling Rough - Owyhee Green
TMBLr1 Tumbling Rough - Owyhee Green
SNA Snake Skin Agate Rough
SNA Snake Skin Agate Rough
Flat rate box grab bag
Flat rate box grab bag
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