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Juniper Ridge Fire Opal
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BULKVarmfrb BUL..

This is some gorgeous material!Beautiful Variscite  I g...
Item Price: $450.00 
Quartzsite shop..

Quartzsite shopping units, you let me know what you want and...
Item Price: $100.00 
Quartzsite shop
BULKPetwd# Bulk..

I have a huge pile of petrified wood that I have accumulated...
Item Price: $3.00 
BULKPetwd# Bulk
CabKing product..

We are also a CabKing affiliate. You can use the foll...
Item Price: $0.00 
CabKing product
Bruneau jasper ..

Bruneau jasper rough is getting harder to get, I don't k...
Item Price: $25.00 
Bruneau jasper
Bruneau jasper ..

A small piece of Bruneau jasper rough that has some orbs sho...
Item Price: $17.10 
Bruneau jasper
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Flat rate box grab bag
Flat rate box grab bag
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